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Finney Company Defies the Odds, Adds Great Outdoors Publishing Company

Great Outdoors Publishing Company offers quality books for adults and children that foster an appreciation of Florida's natural communities and fascinating history.

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Finney Company Featured in Lakeville Spotlight
on Business Program

Finney Company is located in Lakeville, Minnesota and was featured in the city's Spotlight on Business program. This program is designed to recognize existing and new commercial and industrial projects that are successfully completed and of quality in the Lakeville community. It is also designed to emphasize, for residents, the important tax and employment benefits that business and industry provide to the community.


Finney Company Acquired Astragal Press!

Astragal Press publishes affordable books on antique tools and antique
tool collecting, early trades such as blacksmithing and carriage building, and early sciences and technology, including railroad technology and slide rules.

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Finney Company has acquired Pogo Press!

Pogo Press publishes books concerning the arts, history, and popular culture, most with a regional orientation.

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Finney Company has acquired The New Careers Center!

The New Careers Center offers one-stop shopping for the best career books, DVDs, videos, and software through The Whole Work Catalog.

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