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The Adventure of Two Lifetimes fuses the story of Peggy and Brian Goetz with the tale of Peggy's mother, June. This is not so much a travelogue as it is a memoir of time, of places, of a mother and a daughter. It's a book about how one woman's courage and quest for a place in the world forever changed her life, and how her daughter emerged from the shadow of that feat to find her own place in the world, together with her husband. And finally, it's a book about America and Americans, in two very different generations.

304 pages, 2001, 5" x 8", paperback
Order Number: AN-230........................$15.95

"Why are we doing this? To say we have, or to prove we can?" With that thought in mind, Margaret Logan, 40, decides to take her 17-year-old daughter head to Paris. From there, they would ride their ten-speed bicycles to Rome, crossing the Alps en route. A daunting task, to be certain. But what is more daunting, crossing the Alps on bicycle or challenging a teenager's narrow values and materialistic ambitions? Happy Endings tells their story.

200 pages, 1999, 5" x 8", paperback
Order Number: AN-192...............................$14.95

Meet Michelle, a French girl with a dream and Sam, her trusty bicycle. Together, they set off on a cross-country journey in search of freedom, personal identity, and adventure, in My Ride to a New Life, true story you will never forget!

286 pages, 1996, 6" x 9", paperback
Order Number: RAY-570.....................$9.95

Scott Bischke and Katie Gibson have done what many of us dream. They quit their jobs and traded their possessions for a year of travel and simplicity. During the course of their journey, Scott and Katie biked more than 8,000 kilometers and experienced much of New Zealand's culture and beauty.Two Wheels Around New Zealand is a lighthearted adventure story; but above all, it is a celebration of the people, landscape, and lifestyle of New Zealand.

286 pages, 1996, 6" x 9", paperback
Order Number: ECO-518..........................$12.95

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