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Finney Company, Inc. was founded in the late 1940s by Horace J. Finney. FINNEY BLACKBOARD KLEENERS and FINNERASERS are the products that gave Mr. Finney the foundation upon which to grow. Today, these products, along with FINNEY MARK-OFF products for dry erase boards, are distributed worldwide by janitorial/sanitation and school suppliers.

Finney Company is a growing independent publisher, distributor, and manufacturer of educational materials. Our mission is to help improve the quality of lifelong learning worldwide. We hope to strengthen and develop our organization by working with existing and new authors and by continuing to make strategic acquisitions.Our current divisions and imprints include:

The New Careers Center
The New Careers Center and its imprint Live Oak Publications began publishing in 1982 and merged with Finney Company in 2006. This division offers one-stop shopping for the best career books, DVDs, and software through The Whole Work Catalog™.
Finney Career Development Department
Finney Company began publishing the highly acclaimed Occupational Guidance series in 1958. This series offers one revised unit each year, making it one of the most up-to-date products available. This department continues to expand, covering areas such as career development and exploration, school-to-work, tech prep, placement, and on the job.  
Live Oak Publications
Live Oak Publications, founded in 1982, publishes materials on career preparation, exploration, and development.  
Hobar Publications
Hobar Publications was founded in 1964 and became a division of Finney Company in 1996. What started with a single book on concrete masonry has evolved into a publishing and distribution company offering more than 5,000 quality educational products. This division provides agricultural and career and technical educational materials.
National Farm Book Company

National Farm Book Company, founded in 1946, merged with Hobar Publications in 1998. As a distributor of hundreds of agricultural titles, National Farm Book Company was a natural addition to Hobar Publications.
Agronomy Publications

Agronomy Publications, founded in 1970, merged with Hobar Publications in 2000. Two books used for seed identification, Illustrated Taxonomy of Weed Seeds and Seeds of Continental United States Legumes, strengthen Hobar Publication's product offering.
K.A. Publishing
K.A. Publishing, founded in 1971, merged with Hobar Publications in 2001. K.A.P. offers instructional materials for forestry, wildlife, natural resources, conservation, and biology classrooms. It produces Forest Management Digest, a four tape video series, record-keeping books, and training aggreements.
Windward Publishing
Windward Publishing, founded in 1973, merged with Finney Company in 2001. Windward offers nature books on popular subjects including shells, fishing, mammals, sharks, birds, and more. Windward Publishing is home to most of Finney Company's children's books.
Anacus Press
Anacus Press, founded in 1995, and White Meadow Press, founded in 1985, merged with Finney Company in 2002. Anacus offers bicycling guides and bicycling touring narratives. The Ride Guide and Bed, Breakfast & Bike series feature a wide variety of bicycle rides in several regions, for hard-core bike riding enthusiasts as well as leisure riders.
Chester Book Co.
Chester Book Co., founded in 1983, merged with Finney Company in 2002. Created by a professional craft artist, CRAFTBOOKS™ is a highly respected source for all who create, collect, teach, and love craft. Chester Book Co. offers the finest books on craft by searching for titles from U.S. and foreign publishing houses, art museums, craft organizations, and books self-published by studio craft artists.,
Bancroft-Sage Publishing
Bancroft-Sage Publishing, founded in 1987, merged with Finney Company in 2002. Bancroft-Sage offers an Environmental Awareness series and a series of instructional sports books (Learning How Sports…) designed for the beginning athlete or an enthusiastic fan.
Ecopress, established in 1996, merged with Finney Company in 2005. Ecopress produces books that enhance environmental awareness, offering high-quality titles covering subjects such as rivers, hiking, plants, and environmental guides.
Pogo Press

Pogo Press was incorporated in 1986. It merged with Finney Company in 2006. This imprint publishes books concerning the arts, history, popular culture, and travel, most with a regional orientation.

Astragal Press
Astragal Press was founded in 1983 to publish books, at affordable prices, for those interested in antique tools and early trades and technologies. It merged with Finney Company in 2007.
SkipJack Press
SkipJack Press publishes books about blacksmithing and the history of ironwork. This company was established in 1972 out of a passion and interest in blacksmithing by Jack Andrews, who continues to do ironwork at the forge. In 2008 SkipJack Press became an imprint of Finney Company.
Great Outdoors Publishing Company
Great Outdoors Publishing Company is an independent book publisher & wholesaler specializing in regional books about Florida wildlife, nature & history. Established 1913, it became in imprint of Finney Company in 2009. With the addition of 50+ proprietary Great Outdoors books and nearly 400 distributed titles, this establishes us firmly as a market leader in Florida titles. We continue to update and add new titles to the e-commerce site,
Lone Oak Press
Lone Oak Press was established in 1988 as a Minnesota non-profit publisher specializing in the arts and sciences in Red Wing, Minnesota and became an imprint of Finney Company in 2009. The 40 active titles compliment our Pogo Press imprint and the Cooperative titles should be of special interest to our agricultural and educational customer bases.
Drache's Publications
Drache's publications are agricultural history books.
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We are always looking for new ways to improve and expand our product line and service. We may be interested in publishing and/or distributing your idea. We encourage you to contact us!

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