Those Florida Yard Lizards

Steven B. Isham

ISBN: 978-0-9789-7784-9
Order Number: GOV116
Price: $19.95

Anoles are in virtually every Florida yard, yet few people know much about them. They're mistakenly called chameleons, geckos or skinks. Learn where they came from, where they live, how they establish and defend territories, what they eat, what eats them, why they change color, how they climb up smooth surfaces, how they mate and bear young, and much more. This book is a fantasy based on fact. Ann and Noel are lizards that communicate with a human. Say their names rapidly in succession and you get ... anole. This is a book with an important message, too: How Floridians can help save the native green anole while promoting desirable plant growth.

6.75" x 9". 120 pages.



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